Steps to migrate EPMA Import Profiles from DEV2 region to CIT region using LCM

STEP1 : Exporting Import Profiles from Enterprise Performance Management Architecht

  • To export Import Profiles from EPMA DEV2 , login to Workspace.
  1. Select Navigate -> Administer -> Shared Services Console




2. Expand Application Groups and select Foundation -> EPM Architect





3. Under Browse, expand Dimension Access – > Import Profiles (if the import profiles are for shared dimensions). To export import profiles for a particular application then expand Application metadata and expand Application and select import profiles.




4.Select the import profiles we wish to migrate and click on Export which is found at the bottom right of the screen




5. Give the File system Folder name and click on Export.




6.We can see the exported file under File System




7. We can see the status of the export under Migration status report.




8. Once the status is complete, download the exported file from File System into local system




STEP2 : Importing Import Profiles Enterprise Performance Management Architecht using LCM

  • To import Import Profiles from local system, logon to EPMA Shared Services Console in CIT

1.Right click File System and Upload




2.Browse the file location where it was saved while downloading it from DEV2. Select the zip file location and click on Finish



3. After uploading, the file can be seen under File System. Select the file from File System and right click the file and select Import





4. It prompts you to proceed with import. Select OK



5. Check the status of the import in Migration Status Report




6.Once the status is complete, the profile can be seen under Artifact list under Import Profiles




7.The import profiles which are migrated can now be executed to load dimensions.


Soumya Chandanam

DRM Consultant

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