Oracle DRM – Assigning validations through Action Script

Today we are going to see how we can assign validations through action scripts. Validations enable us to enforce business rules on versions, hierarchies, nodes, and properties. We can run validations in either real time or batch mode, or in both modes. Real-time validations are run at the time of modification and prevent changes from being saved if the action violates the rules being enforced. We explicitly run batch validations. Validations can also be run using Action Scripts

 Action Script

Action scripts enable us to process bulk sets of incremental changes in an automated fashion. Each record within a script represents a separate action to be performed and processed separately from other actions. We can group actions of different types in the same script. Action scripts are particularly useful when we need to perform the same set of actions for multiple versions, hierarchies, or nodes. We can load action scripts from flat files, generate them from transaction logs, or create them from node models. In the Script task group, we can load and run only one action script at a time.



AssignVersionValidations Ver Validation List ResultDescr  
AssignHierValidations Ver Validation List ResultDescr  


Version validation using action script syntax

AssignVersionValidations Ver Validation List ResultDescr




Selecting Validation

After creating validations, we can assign them to versions, hierarchies, domains, and nodes. Multiple validations can be assigned at the same time. We can assign using Action Scripts as well. Select the related validation which we want to perform on a version.

Load Action Script

In the Script task group, we load the flat file that contains the action scripts. After loading, edit rows that display warning symbols to ensure proper processing.

Let’s take an example for loading the script, below is the script


AssignVersionValidations;Sob_Ess_Year;Essbase.MemberNameLength;Result in DRM script.


Run the Script

When we run the script of assigning validation at version level by using action script validations are inherited by all hierarchies and nodes within the version.


Check Assign Validations for Version

 This is how we can check by clicking version then right click assign validations tab




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