Oracle DRM – EPMA Integration using out of the box adapter

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Apart from classic integration of DRM with other Hyperion products, another approach is integrating DRM with Enterprise Performance Management Architect using out of the box adapter The key points which needs o be configured for DRM – EPMA integration are Configuring Data Relationship Management Configuring Hyperion Foundation Services (Weblogic, Web Services Manager, Shared Services) Deploying […]

Approver Summarizer Formatter in Service Now

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Approvel Summarizer with Multiple Sections. What is Approvel Summarizer:- The summary at the bottom of an approval form is called Approval Summarizer. It is created by the approval summarizer formatter.  The approval summarizer displays different information depending on what’s being approved (such as a change request or a service catalog request).  By default, the  approval […]

Steps to migrate EPMA Import Profiles from DEV2 region to CIT region using LCM

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STEP1 : Exporting Import Profiles from Enterprise Performance Management Architecht To export Import Profiles from EPMA DEV2 , login to Workspace. Select Navigate -> Administer -> Shared Services Console     2. Expand Application Groups and select Foundation -> EPM Architect       3. Under Browse, expand Dimension Access – > Import Profiles (if the […]

Oracle DRM – Classic HFM Integration Process

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Oracle Hyperion Financial Management is a financial consolidation and reporting application built with advanced Web technology and designed to be used and maintained by the finance team. It provides financial managers the ability to rapidly consolidate and report financial results, meet global regulatory requirements, reduce the cost of compliance and deliver confidence in the numbers. […]

Oracle DRM – Creating Derived Properties Using Javascript

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Property define the characteristics of the Node. Property Type “Derived” allows you to build dynamic business logic into your properties. Derived properties can simplify application maintenance and reduce the overall storage of your application by reducing or eliminating the need to store (override) additional values. When you select “Derived” as Property Type, a new drop […]

DRM – External Connections

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DRM External Connections: A new feature for the 11.1.2 release in DRM is External Connections. External Connections are used to access server file locations, FTP locations, and database tables. We can create and apply default connections and we can apply connections individually. After We create a file connection, it can be referenced by any object […]

Oracle Hyperion DRM – ESSBASE Integration

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Oracle ESSBASE is leading online analytical processing (OLAP) server for enterprise performance management (EPM) applications. Oracle ESSBASE supports forecasting, variance analysis, root cause identification, scenario planning and what-if modeling for both custom and packaged applications. On other Hand, Oracle Data Relationship Management is a Master Data Management tool where master data is maintained, analyzed, and […]